Aquarius horoscope december 17 birthday

They easily befriend people and can adapt good traits from others. The flaws of this birthday predominantly include, next to the sensuality, restlessness, dispersed strength and abilities, as well as opposition and rebellious tendencies. Caring little for the outcome of their deeds, such a person pursues their projects like a maniac.

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When their sensual passions and desires grow too strong — they find themselves at risk of negative actions. What should they strive for?

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Most of all, to control themselves and avoid sensual excesses. They should not mimic others and draw their ideals from the bottom of their heart. They should not jump from one place to another, changing their occupation and surroundings, but stay in one position once it is chosen and fulfill their moral duties, for that will move them forward in the great school of life.

It should be noted that this birthday yields two kinds of people: The lower — undeveloped — is restless, harsh, scatterbrained, absentminded — they are a seeker of beauty, chasing after opportunities, one who values gambling and betting everything on one card.

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  • However, the developed kind is represented by people who are generally liked for their goodness, loyalty and justice. They work fast and well under pressure, connecting to the realm of ideas as soon as something pushes them over their own limits. In time, they can become excellent managers and leaders, but only if their career has had enough innovative and bold moves to make them proud. Technology, programming, and engineering stand for their natural interests and work areas that will bring out the best in their character. Every person born on the 17th of February has a need to find oneness and recognize that we are all one and the same, from the same source.

    The perfect stone to help them achieve the state of inner peace and acceptance and find the right way to connect with the world is Wavellite. It is also a crystal that helps calm anger and frustration, and helps with issues deep in the psyche such as abuse and trauma.

    Birthday Horoscope

    Too choose a gift for a person born on the 17th of February, keep in mind that their individuality sets them apart from the rest of the crowd and don't choose "regular" presents such as candy, flowers, pens or clothes. Instead, intrigue them with a new experience, give them a voucher for anything from an exotic massage to parachute or bungee jumping, and rely on their intellectual side to commit to a new gadget that can be connected to their computer, phone, watch, and spark their telepathic abilities, if you can find such a thing. Give them a chance to rest through excitement, taking them out of their usual routine.

    Standing out, different, they are willing to go on an adventure, dance, have fun, and enjoy socializing with strange people, inspired and sharing thoughts from the higher realm.

    Personality Profile for People Born on December 17

    These individuals are exciting and ready to jump into challenge. Stressed and edgy, pushing themselves over their limits only to break loose with a bang. Unpredictable in the time of need, pushy and sometimes spiteful when they sense their personal freedom is endangered.

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